Case studies – Jack

Large Retail Company – 500 + employees / 4 States

Client Stats: Our client is like most retail customers. They have a centralized software program that manages all of their POS transactions, but also need email, office suite of software, and web based applications. This client has a windows based POS workstations, with the main servers in our Co Lo facility.

Challenge: Keeping the workstations healthy, up to date inventory and being able to create a user friendly support experience.

Solution: We loaded Jack on each server and workstation. Within 24hrs Jack had a complete inventory compiled, from each of the 50 locations, with a dash boarded health assessment for each device. Dash board means that if there is an item in Red -it is urgent, Yellow – review, Green – all good. Like the dashboard in your car. Easy, right? Jack also has the industry’s best anti-virus protection that is scanning for issues on a consistent basis. This allows us to track and quickly remedy any issues an employee may inadvertently cause. Because Jack is constantly “healing” the computer systems, the issues like; I can’t boot my computer, I have the “circle of death” and everything is running slow, I get an error when I try to open that application or any of the common issues most people see during their work day are eradicated. The end result is an environment that is much quieter, more productive and filled with happier employees! We make it possible for the sales associate to login to their POS and make the sales process seamless for their customer. Our client looks good, their customer is happy and that is the way it should be. Technology, even at a larger scale, does not have to be hard.