PC’s and servers with Jack have 30% fewer support tickets

JACK is a Software as a Service (SaaS) agent that resolves most Level 1 Help Desk tickets automatically and provides maintenance as well as cyber security for your computer systems!

Your office PC's and Servers need a new HERO

Meet JACK.


Why Do You Need Jack?

Because computers can’t fix themselves. But Jack can.
See what JACK can do for your office PCs and servers


24/7 Proactive Monitoring

When your PCs and servers have a hardware or Windows/Mac issue, JACK sees it and automatically fixes it!


Affordable Pricing

JACK keeps your PCs and servers running like new -- for as low as $19.97/month per PC and $74.97/month per server.


Inventory Scans

JACK, on a daily basis, scans your PC's / Servers and builds a comprehensive list of hardware and software on your systems! Jack can gather data in minutes that used to take you days.


Security Protection

JACK includes and manages enterprise-level antivirus and antispyware to make sure they are updated and your PCs remain clean and secured at all times.


Asset Management

If anything changes in your PC or server, JACK tracks it and reflects it in the monthly asset and health report. Now you can make better decisions!


Extraordinary Service

JACK monitors your PCs and servers 24/7/365. If you need support, just put in a ticket with JACK and for a small fee, you can talk to a friendly live technician who will walk you through any issues you might have.

Who’s fallen in love with Jack?

Managing technology in our office is much easier with Jack handling the day to day issues. I think I might have a crush on him!

Helen, Laser Technologies, Inc.

Having Jack installed on our servers and workstations has saved us hours of tech support cost and downtime! Jack is fixing things before they cause any slowness or freeze ups!

Scot, Geneva Cleaners

“We built JACK to monitor your equipment and fix the top 50 things that lead to a slow or infected computer system.”

Matthew Kaseeska, CEO
Net Works Consulting Resources